About Us

Since its founding in Hawaii in 2000, Aloha Works has been involved in developing solutions for many companies.Utilizing international development teams, we will solve your IT challenges with solid technical capabilities.We are certified in Information Security Management System (ISO27001) that allows major companies to place orders with confidence.

Our Strengths

One-Stop Service

We provide not only websites/system production but also all necessary for operation such as domain management, hosting server environment construction, mail account management etc. From maintenance to consultation such as SEO or marketing, we perfectly support your business after development.

Our Services

Production Experience

Our experience of working with a number of industries such as food, real estate, education, medical, printing, architecture, bridal, etc. is our most valuable asset. We will guide accurate solutions from successful cases and respond to the diverse needs of the customers.

Technical Capabilities

We prepare all solutions to meet customer’s request. We always provide high quality services from websites and web applications that is using the edge technologies, to the printings that have been designed effectively.

International Team

Most of the new web technologies come to japan in English. Aloha Works supports English, Japanese, and Chinese. We are developing and making stuffs with the latest technologies. We can decide things and respond flexibly to various requests from the customers, since we are compact team.


Takeshi Ambiru

安蒜 猛 Ambiru Takeshi CEO

As well as overseeing daily operations, Takeshi leads the company’s business strategy, customer relations, service and new business development. Fluent in English, Japanese and Mandarin.

I attended Tokyo Chinese School during elementary school, lived in Oregon, USA during high school, and in Hawaii during college. Having been exposed to the cultures of Japan, Taiwan, the U.S., and Hawaii, I value respecting the culture and nature of both myself and others. This is also a part of the Aloha Spirit, which is why we have named our company Aloha Works.

Since our founding, we have supported our clients’ businesses with our web technology and design skills. In recent years, we have expanded our services to include digital marketing and IT consulting in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We are very proud of this work, which allows us to have a positive impact on society through the client companies we support.

Aloha Works will continue to work to support our valued customers. Thank you for your support and guidance.

Company Profile

Company Name Aloha Works Co. Ltd.


SENQ Kyobashi at Kyobashi Edogrand South Bldg. 3rd floor
Kyobashi 2-2-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031, Japan

Access Information

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Kyobashi St. (G10)
Connected directly from exit #8
JR Line
Tokyo St.
5-min walk from Yaesu Shopping Mall exit #5
Toei Asakusa Line
Takaracho St. (A12)
3-min walk from exit #A5/#A6
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
Ginza-itchome St. (Y19)
5-min walk from exit #7
Founded August 2000
Established in June 2000

Information Security Management System

  • Requirements: ISO27001:2013
  • Applicable to:
    • Design and maintenance of websites
    • Development of web applications
    • Consulting of web
    • Design and production of printed matters and logos
  • Certificate Number: 09287
  • Original Issue Date: 17 April 2013
ISO27001:2013 Certification
Stripe Consulting Partner(CONS-000274)
Stripe Partner

We Have All the Answers

Aloha Works considers your project's scale, budget, scalability, etc., and propose the best ideas or solutions for you. Feel free to contact us about the challenges you have.