Website Development for Chinese Market

Do you own a Website in Chinese?


For those considering to enter the Chinese market or those who have already entered the market, we offer web designing services. In China to run a business of any sort, a website is necessary however, choosing the right company on-site in Shanghai can prove to be very difficult. It is not an uncommon predicament for companies to find themselves working with a company with slow service, low quality and high prices. In most cases, head offices in Japanese companies would leave the task of websites to companies in Shanghai, not knowing that is it possible to create high quality Chinese websites here in Japan.

Shanghai/China oriented services

Our company guarantees high quality and reliable services by having our Japanese creators directly involved with our business partners in Shanghai throughout the creation process. From creating Japanese/Chinese websites using CMS, (Content Management System) to providing server hosting rentals, to acquiring ICP licenses (in China an ICP license is required to own servers) we offer the total package.

Whether it be a small scaled 10-paged website or a large scaled E-commerce site, we cover all areas of creation from the planning and design phase to the construction of the site itself and finally to the management and operations phase.

  • Detailed billing statement for website creation to daily maintenance to ensure transparency
  • Acquire the standard domain names [.cn,, etc]
  • Hosting Servers (Shared & Private)
    Please consult China Telecom, China Unicom, Plus a, CDN etc
  • Web & Mobile Marketing Consulting (Campaigns, SEM, etc)
  • SEO for Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Sogou, Soso, etc

Chinese Website Price Quote (Sample)

Low cost, price focused ideal for businesses!

All-in-one Package Price(RMB) Price(JPY)
  • Meeting for planning
  • Top page creation
  • Category pages
  • Internal pages
  • Contact form
  • Server Rental
  • Domain Registration
  • ICP license
20,000 RMB 330,000 JPY(2014/5/30~current)

※The listed price above, is only for one site. (Japanese or Chinese)
※The listed price above is just for reference and is subject to change depending on individual needs.

About the Shanghai,China Office

Our partner company in Shanghai operates daily with both Japanese and Chinese and specialises in providing services in China.

Chinese Company Name 上海匯菱商務咨詢有限公司 (Huiling Company)
Address 上海市斜土路2601号嘉汇广场1号楼22楼GH座
Person in Charge 小西 哲也 (Konishi Tetsuya)

Other Local Support Subsidiary Establishments in China

  • Advice pertaining to setting up an office with local staff
  • Initial stage of recruitment support
  • Tax and lawyer referrals


Please feel free to contact us.