Responsive Design for Mobile Devices

Why you need to be Mobile Ready


A webpage that has taken no steps in making their websites mobile friendly often appears cluttered broken and inaccessible on a mobile devices. In 2013 a study by Google pointed out that 61% of users give up visting sites like these altogether. Furthermore, users started searching to see if their target websites have been made mobile friendly or not. It is evident that it is just a matter of time before the availably of mobile readiness affects search results.

Studies in Japan has predicted that by 2016, there would be more smartphones than PCs.s Mobile First Design has quickly become the norm therefore designs prioritising mobile devices are naturally becoming necessary.

Responsive Design


Whilst you could run a site though only mobile devices, another method is to have your web content displayed optimally throughout all devices, from Smartphones, to tablets and to PCs using Responsive Designs.

This site you are currently viewing is a prime example of Responsive Design.
For those who are viewing from PC browsers, scale your browser down to see how Responsive Designs work. You should see a smooth transformation in the layout, text size etc.

Advantages of Responsive Design are listed below :

*Multi mobile device support
The contents of the site is the same, therefore the volume of information is the same on the PC and the Smartphone.
*Simplified Web operations
Renewal and updates only need to be carried out once, reducing the risk of errors.
*Simpler and more effective SEO
Because there is only one shared content, results from search engines or access analytics would not be duplicated but concentrated.

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